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  • IMMonitor Enterprise  1451)   IMMonitor Enterprise 2.0
    Monitor and capture all instance message conversations and email transfer in your LAN , include AOL(AIM),ICQ,MSN,YAHOO and so on. It can be installed at every computer on the LAN and is able to record conversations and chat messages automaticly.

  • versaSRS HelpDesk  1452)   versaSRS HelpDesk 3.2
    An advanced, powerful and feature rich web based help desk and customer support system. versaSRS combines the intuitive 'look and feel' of a desktop application with a simple and easy-to-use interface. Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server compatible.

  • NickGen  1454)   NickGen 1.1
    Nick Names and Domain Names and Company and Brand Generator and Domain Name Checker.

  • FlashCam Rebroadcasting server  1455)   FlashCam Rebroadcasting server 1.0
    In this package included Rebroadcasting server for FlashCam client and set PHP scripts for user management, models management, per-minute billing, statistics.

  • zaTelnet Light  1456)   zaTelnet Light 1.4
    Telnet client fro device with Microsoft Compact Framework 1.0 or 2.0.Emulate terminal VT100 (basically enough for working with Midnight Commander and others console programs). Full screen.

  • SSH tools  1457)   SSH tools 0.81 beta
    SSH tools is a free, fast, easy to use and robust SSH, Telnet, FTP, RLogin client. SSH tools is ideal for connecting to remote systems running UNIX and VMS as well as the many BBSs and databases that are now available via the Internet.

  • Viyya Free Edition  1458)   Viyya Free Edition 2.0
    Turn Information Overload into Business Intelligence Surfing the web can take lots of time - 80 hours per month on average. Viyya automates these activities and provides information at the touch of a button for the busy professional working in a SOHO

  • Remote Management Gateway  1459)   Remote Management Gateway
    Remote Gateway Management reduces the cost of providing support to local/remote workers with secure centralized, web-based remote management/control. Provide anytime management of computers via LAN or Internet to extend the reach of the IT helpdesk

  • TSID Router  1460)   TSID Router 1.0
    TSID Router is a program that reads theTSID contents contained in a facsimile header. The contents are then used to distribute the facsimile. The program will route the fax to a printer, file folder or an eMail address as a PDF or Tiff Image.

  • NetMAC  1461)   NetMAC 1.0
    NetMAC is the best solution for users who needs to change network connection settings (TCP/IP parameters, MAC address, default printer, computer name, DNS domain, workgroup/domain, Internet Explorer settings).

  • Remote Command manager  1462)   Remote Command manager 2.5
    RemoteCommand manager is designed to execute commands and processes on multiple remote PCs. It enables you to control and automate the administration of system and applications remotely. Tool does not require to install client part on the remote PCs.

  • Remote Host Explorer  1463)   Remote Host Explorer 1.2
    Remote Host Explorer allows to create any HTTP header, send it to remote website and see the reply.

  • MSNTalk  1464)   MSNTalk 1.3
    MSNTalk is easy to use replacement for standard WinPopup

  • iSpellit  1465)   iSpellit 1.0
    iSpellit integrates spell checking functionality into your Internet Explorer browser. With iSpellit integrated into your browser you are only two clicks away from spell checking any text field in any web page.

  • JOC Web Finder  1466)   JOC Web Finder
    Search web pages fast. Search the engines simultaneously. Automatically browse page after page. Support project files, remove duplicates, filtering, boolean operators and many more. Compact and easy to use.

  • Google Translate Client  1467)   Google Translate Client 1.1.21
    With the Google Translate Client you can translate any text on a webpage and other applications just by selecting it. The program uses the Google translation services to translate the text. An Internet connection is required.

  • The Personal FTP Server  1468)   The Personal FTP Server 5.52f
    The Freeware version of our FTP Servers PFTP with much more features. Multidirectories, Ratio and an easy user interface.

  • ipPulse  1469)   ipPulse 1.60
    ipPulse is a Remote Status Monitoring Tool. Use ipPulse to monitor the up/down status of IP connected devices (nodes) on any IP connected network. ipPulse alerts you to failures using audible messages, email, pager, web, and logs.

  • mnoGoSearch SQL  1470)   mnoGoSearch SQL
    MnoGoSearch for Windows is a search engine designed to organize search within a website, number of websites, intranet or local system.

  • MicroTelnet  1471)   MicroTelnet 1.0
    Very simple telnet client for Pocket PC devices. This client is very light and easy to use. Requires eVb runtime: 1. Download from here 2. Copy on your device and install.

  • Mizu SoftPhone  1473)   Mizu SoftPhone 1.2.4
    You will rethink the industry standard VOIP benefits by using this featured SIP softphone. SIP is better than you may think! Stay connected with multiple SIP service providers to maximize your revenue.

  • intraVnews  1474)   intraVnews 1.2
    intraVnews is an RSS/Atom feed reader add-in for Microsoft Outlook XP and later. Follow web sites, blogs, news feeds with Outlook. News items are kept separate from email so you can work without interference.

  • HsTcp2Com (Professional Edition)  1475)   HsTcp2Com (Professional Edition) 2.0
    HsTcp2Com - TCP and UDP/IP to serial COM port conversion software. HsTcp2Com is a communications software for Windows which allows to bridge data between serial ports (RS232, bluetooth, IrDA, USB) represented as COM ports and TCP or UDP links

  • Winpopup Server  1477)   Winpopup Server 1.3
    Improve communication security and integrity by installing an optional Winpopup LAN Messenger component, the Winpopup Server.

  • FreePortScanner  1478)   FreePortScanner 3.2.4
    Free Port Scanner is a small and fast port scanner for the Win32 platform. You can scan ports on fast machines in a few seconds and can perform scan on predefined port ranges.The tool is designed with a user-friendly interface and is easy to use.

  • Catalog Disk File Size  1479)   Catalog Disk File Size 2.8.5
    File Analyzer is a powerful and flexible harddisk space manager for Windows All.Find out which folders are the largest,which kinds of files are the most,and show you the files with the last access date or write date on your drives.

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